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A Guide to Escape Room Board Games

UPDATED: November, 2017

In August, 2016, the Room Escape Divas had a podcast with Donald Dennis about board games from an escape room perspective.

However, there were a few we did not cover that are marketed as “escape room board games”.

This post will list escape room board games as well as their reviews from Escape Room blogs, but does not include reviews from board game blogs (since there are a number of them).

Furthermore, this will be updated as necessary, so if I have missed board games or reviews from escape room blogs, please tell me!

Mass Produced Board Games (Adult)

The following games can be purchased from board games stores and usually put out by a publisher. Click the image for access to its BGG entry.


Deckscape: Test Time (Available: €10,90)

Designers: Martino Chiacchiera, Silvano Sorrentino
In Deckscape: Test Time, you have been selected from Doctor Thyme’s most brilliant students for a special project. He’ll test your skills, and if you succeed, you’ll get a unique chance to help him on his newest and greatest invention. While he’s explaining his project, he distractedly pushes a button: an alarm cries loudly and heavy gratings shut all the windows and the exit door. The laboratory is locked! Doc Thyme falls through a trapdoor below his feet and the lights turn off. Will you be able to pass Doctor Thyme’s exam and exit his laboratory? Using just sixty cards, you will take part in a hectic adventure, without leaving home.

As an enthusiast who enjoys difficult and fair puzzles, I prefer this out of all the games listed here. Deckscapes trusts the player not to cheat and doesn’t try to implement fiddly mechanisms to disourage it. The cards are larger than standard cards, and unlike Exit’s, I didn’t have to squint to find important information. And the puzzles were challenging enough that we had to pass them around to other players to get multiple viewpoints. Everyone had a chance to be involved. And you know what’s glorious? When you get an answer, for the most part, you will know it’s the right one! No arbitrary “Shall I try this card on this one? Who knows? Could work!” Because of the puzzles, mechanics, and the fair difficulty, I find this game far superior to the other two. Even though we lost, I enjoyed it immensely.
– Errol Elumir (Room Escape Divas)

Deckscape: The Fate of London (Available: €10,90)

Designers: Martino Chiacchiera, Silvano Sorrentino
In this title, a terrible threat hangs over London, and the Crown of England needs your help! Your mission is to find four devices hidden in secret locations and defuse them before midnight. A single mistake, and the situation could degenerate quickly…

Deckscape: Demo (FREE)

Designers: Martino Chiacchiera, Silvano Sorrentino
You are trapped inside a small room; there is a locked door but you don’t know the code to ulnock it.

This is a free print and play demo.

Escape Room in a Box

Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment (Nov 2017: $30)

Designer: Juliana Patel, Ariel Rubin
This kickstarter game has been taken on by Mattel.

In Escape Room In a Box: The Werewolf Experiment a group of two to six people has only one hour to work together in order to find clues, solve puzzles, and crack the codes that will unlock the antidote and keep them from turning into werewolves!

…offered us a better experience than many rooms do, and it did so from the comfort of our own dinning room, at the price of 1.5 tickets to an average room escape.

Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment is a great game. It’s well-designed, innovative, and fun.
Room Escape Artist

As a light introduction to the world of puzzle solving with an attached story Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment does its job! At the same time, board game, escape room, and puzzle enthusiasts will probably be a bit disappointed unless they adjust their expectations…
Esc Room Addict

Escape Room in A Box is the perfect party game and a must buy for room escape lovers and puzzle solvers. It’s also a great introduction to escape rooms if you have friends who have never tried one.
The Room Escapist

Escape Room: The Game

Escape Room: The Game (Available: $51 CDN)

Resettable: Yes! Items meant to be folded, written on, etc.have a small “printer” printed on it, meaning you can find this item on the website and print it.

Can you keep your cool under pressure? Escape Room The Game from Spin Master brings the thrill and mystery of an escape room to your home. Work together to solve puzzles and find hidden clues to escape before time runs out! The Chrono Decoder counts down from 60 minutes and creates a real escape room atmosphere. Play 1 of 4 different escape room adventures with varying levels of difficulty: Prison Break, Virus, Nuclear Countdown, and Temple of the Aztec. You win or lose together with Escape Room The Game.

The games are quite fun, except that the first one (Prison Break) has a particularly bad puzzle at the end — probably the worst puzzle in the whole 4-game box — which is sad because it puts people off the whole set which is otherwise pretty nifty.

The materials are mostly paper/cardboard with an electronic timer/verifier/codesheet gadget. The gadget is cute enough and works OK, though it feels a little cheap. Hints are time-triggered and pretty well designed, but of course may or may not match what you need at any given moment.

The stories are cliche (prison break, virus lab, etc) but capably told, the kit is good quality (for being paper and cardboard), and the illustration is well done.

Recommend 2-4p max. Can be reset as long as you’re careful not to mangle anything.
– Dan Egnor

This wasn’t the most brilliantly designed game out there, but we all enjoyed our time puzzling together, and that ain’t nothing.
Room Escape Artist

One thing we’re also noticing with boardgames like these, is they are prone to bottlenecks. Meaning that at any one time you are likely to have 1 or 2 players working on a puzzle and the rest will be twiddling their thumbs.

All-in-all we had a fun time (hiccups aside) honing our escape rooms skills. It definitely doesn’t replace the Live Escape Room experience, but a good take on an at-home version.
Escape Games Review

Would we recommend this game? …possibly. It depends on who you’re playing with.
Esc Room Addict

…after finishing one of the stories we immediately wanted to do another one. Exactly, just like real escape rooms.
escapeTalk, a German escape room site, also has an unboxing video, as well as a review of one of the games, Prison Break.

Expansion – Murder Mystery (Available: $17)

Escape Room Expansion Packs require Escape Room: The Game to play (sold separately).

It’s a real murder mystery — the wealthy heir to one of England’s largest steel companies has been found murdered. Solve the case quickly or there’ll be blood on your hands! You and your team have 60 minutes to solve the crime, or the murderer will strike again. Can you solve the crime in time?

I think that it’s a complete waste of money.
Room Escape Artist

Both expansions have original, fun puzzles that totally fit the theme and they feel balanced.

Expansion – Welcome to Funland (Available: $16)

Escape Room Expansion Packs require Escape Room: The Game to play (sold separately).

Escape Funland — an old amusement park of the edge of town that’s home to Happy Jack, a terrifying circus clown.
You and your team have 60 minutes to free yourself from Happy Jack’s backstage cage and escape Funland. Can you get out in time?

If you’re among the folks who truly enjoyed the original scenarios…it felt a lot like the original scenarios. I don’t think it’s a great value, but at $16 it won’t break the bank.
Room Escape Artist

Both expansions have original, fun puzzles that totally fit the theme and they feel balanced.

Not Yet Available in English

There are other expansions not available in English yet:

These expansions are once again a nice and welcome addition to the original game. If we have to compare em to the original game and the other expansions Space Station and Murder Mystery are our favorites. Casino would end up more at the bottom, probably just below Funland.

Escape the Room

Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor (Available: $30 CDN)

Designers: Rebecca Bleau, Nicholas Cravotta
Recommended Players: 2
Resettable: Yes! Available on website

It’s 1869 and the town’s well-respected astronomer has not been seen since the untimely passing of his wife. Recently, strange things have been happening at his manor – loud and unfamiliar noises, an unpleasant smell, and smoke billowing from the observatory. It’s up to you and your guests to solve the mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor!

Probably the best ER-in-a-box out there right now (Oct 2016). All paper & cardboard, but fun paper & cardboard. Neat story, varied puzzles, nice illustrations. A bit lightweight for enthusiasts. Recommend 2-4p max. Can be reset & passed on if you’re careful.
– Dan Egnor

…an hour-long puzzle with elegant art, creative puzzles, and will occupy you for an evening…
Room Escape Artist

…you’re never going to get a fully immersive theme or a game with a lot of moving parts, but for under £20 you get a really fun set of puzzles that, in our case, engaged the four of us for 45 minutes.
The Logic Escapes Me

While the game might be a little bit too easy for escape room enthusiasts, it’s still a bunch of fun and great value for the price. We’d recommend the game for an hour of fun puzzles, especially to families looking for something to do with young children.
Escape Room Tips

The game flowed like an actual escape room where the puzzles lead from one to another seamlessly and were related to the theme. If you are interested in an at-home escape room game, this would be a great one to try!
Esc Room Addict

Highly recommended – though expect experienced players to solve the game faster than the stated time limits.
Magic Puzzles

…represents very good value for money, particularly since it can be repacked and passed on to other players, but as an experience it’s better for beginners, or perhaps as a warm-up for a group before a normal game.
Escape the Review

This is fun as an introduction or to play in between other games, but it doesn’t offer enough value for escape enthusiasts.

If you finished this game, there is a spoiler laden podcast as the Room Escape Divas play through the game.

Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat (Available: $30 CDN)

Designers: Rebecca Bleau, Nicholas Cravotta
Recommended Players: 2
Resettable: Yes! Available on website
The year is 1913 and you are the lucky winner of a free stay at Foxcrest Retreat, where the famed Dr. Gravely has improved upon the latest in spa treatments and relaxation for those of high social standing. You take a long all-expense-paid train ride to the retreat. Upon your arrival, however, you and your fellow guests may find the “health retreat” is not what it seems…

Similar in style & presentation to Stargazer’s Manor. All paper & cardboard with some string. A bit less good than Stargazer’s — some bottlenecks in the middle and a puzzle genre that overstays its welcome, the story is a bit less engaging, the end a bit anticlimactic. Still a solid production.
– Dan Egnor

a must-play for escape room owners and designers because, as we’ve said before, if you cannot objectively blow away this game with your real live escape room, then you’re making a big mistake.
Room Escape Artist

We enjoyed Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat more than we did Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor. The puzzles were more difficult and varied, players had more opportunities to get stuck, and the story was more satisfying.

The main issue with this game … was the certain puzzles in this set can only be done by one person at a time, which everyone else watches and waits. This is fine for 2 people and maybe ok with 3 people, but will make playing with a group of 4 or more occasionally dull.
Escape Room Tips

In summary, I think it’s a half-hour of fun that’s worth the money but that will disappoint if you compare it to the first outing. I’d recommend playing with two or three people for the best experience. More than that will likely get frustrating.
The Logic Escapes Me

[Thinkfun] is consistently good, heavily story driven and literally everything we at Escape Authority look for in a physical game room, all right there in the comfort of your living room.
Escape Authority

…limitations aside, it’s much cheaper than a normal escape room, particularly since you can pack it up after playing and let friends try it too. Within the confines of the format it’s designed well, and there’s a decent amount to sink your teeth into. I’d rather do a physical room, but as a substitute it’s satisfying enough.
Escape The Review

Hebben we ons dan niet vermaakt? Jawel. Maar we hadden meer verwacht. Deels door de beloftes op de doos, deels door de escape rooms die we gespeeld hebben. Of misschien ligt het aan Escape Room The Game dat de lat een stuk hoger heeft gelegd. Dit is leuk als introductie of tussendoortje, maar biedt helaas net te weinig voor mensen die vaker escapen.
Escape Talk (Netherlands)

If you finished this game, there is a spoiler laden podcast as the Room Escape Divas play through the game.

EXIT: The Game

The Abandoned Cabin (Available: $14 CDN)

Designers: Inka Brand, Markus Brand
Recommended players: 2
Resettable: NO! Requires cutting and/or writing on materials

After an unfortunate accident, you take shelter in an abandoned cabin deep within the forest. After an uneventful night, you wake to a locked door and barred windos. You discover a book and a strange turntable that might help you get out of this nightmare.

satisfying puzzle games.… The Abandoned Cabin’s “strange items” were hyped up throughout the game… and oh my were they anti-climactic.… At a fraction of the cost of admission to an escape room, however, these boxes are a fun way to get your puzzle fix.
Room Escape Artist

The components are high quality and the mechanism works well. It’s difficult enough and has enough content to provide a decent challenge. The story is a fig-leaf, but it provides a solid sixty(ish) minutes of puzzle solving, with some original ideas.
Escape the Review

The Secret Lab (Available: $14 CDN)

Designers: Inka Brand, Markus Brand
Recommended players: 2
Resettable: NO! Requires cutting and/or writing on materials

As volunteers for a medical research study, you report to a lab as instructed. But no one is there except for you! Vapor rises from a test tube and you start feeling dizzy. When you wake up again, the door is locked, and you discover a notebook and a strange disk

Enjoyable and loved the difficulty level. Better game flow than Pharaoh. We played with four and removed the staples from the paper booklet so each of us had things to do. Satisfying to solve the puzzles.
– Errol Elumir (Room Escape Divas)

…satisfying puzzle games.… At a fraction of the cost of admission to an escape room, however, these boxes are a fun way to get your puzzle fix.
Room Escape Artist

…the three Exit games share plenty of similarities and if you like one you’ll enjoy the others too; but if you were to buy only one, Secret Lab is my personal favourite of the three.
Escape the Review

The Pharaoh’s Tomb (Available: $13 CDN)

Designers: Inka Brand, Markus Brand
Recommended players: 2
Resettable: NO! Requires cutting and/or writing on materials

The excursion to the Valley of the Kings is the highlight of your vacation to Egypt. As you crawl through the narrow passageways, you lose the rest of your tour group. You enter a mysterious burial chamber. A massive stone door closes behind you. On the floor lie a dusty notebook and an ancient disk.

Game play suffers if more than two people. One paper booklet is needed for a multiple of puzzles, but only one person can look at this booklet at a time. We even removed the staples and it still didn’t help, so a couple people had to sit and do nothing. Furthermore, the main “Aha” puzzle, which could have been wonderful, was executed poorly. In the end, it was enjoyable but preferred Secret Lab in this series.
– Errol Elumir (Room Escape Divas)

…satisfying puzzle games.… Lisa and I agreed that we liked The Pharaoh’s Tomb best.… At a fraction of the cost of admission to an escape room, however, these boxes are a fun way to get your puzzle fix.
Room Escape Artist

The game expands through multiple locations, illustrated attractively and well. It’s well-designed and at times ingenious, and is tough enough to provide at least an hour of solid entertainment, and quite possibly more.
Escape the Review

The Forbidden Castle (Available: $14 CDN)

Designers: Inka Brand, Markus Brand
Resettable: NO! Requires cutting and/or writing on materials
The castle is the highlight of the hike, but hardly have the hikers entered the old walls, when the squeaky doors close. Escape appears impossible — but strange hints may lead players in a new direction. Can they solve the riddles and find the way to freedom?

The Polar Station (Available: $14 CDN)

Designers: Inka Brand, Markus Brand
Resettable: NO! Requires cutting and/or writing on materials
An alarm sounded in the eternal ice, so the polar station has been evacuated and foreclosed, but a small group of researchers has remained behind by mistake — and they have only one hour to find the code that will crack the lock program.

The Forgotten Island (Available: $14 CDN)

Designers: Inka Brand, Markus Brand
Resettable: NO! Requires cutting and/or writing on materials
For those shipwrecked on the beach of this forgotten island, a chained boat is the only hope — but the mysterious owner has left puzzles over the whole island. Will the team solve them, free the boat, and escape?

Not released in English

There are a lot of Exit games, but not available in English yet!

Room 25

Room 25: Escape Room

Designer: François Rouzé

This is an expansion for the co-op board game Room 25.

Trapped in a prison in which each room has four doors but apparently no exit, the players must try to find Room 25, the supposed exit to this nightmare. But some amongst them might be guardians of the prison, waiting for the right moment to strike. In the cooperative game Room 25, not everyone wants to escape from imprisonment – but who is the traitor? Each turn, the player moves are preprogrammed, requiring discussion, negotiation – and possibly betrayal.

Currently, there are no reviews for this game.

Soirée Escape Game

Available in French Only (€12,90)

These or not available in English and no reviews are available for them. Some don’t have names so I kept a small description. Others look to be newer or adapted versions. It’s all confusing.


Unlock! The Elite (Mini-game: Free)

Designer: Cyril Demaegd

The Elite is a free, twenty-card mini adventure for Unlock!, the card-driven escape room game from Space Cowboys! At the beginning of the adventure, you and your friends find yourself locked in a hotel room with a mystery. You’ll need all of your wits and your logic if you’re going to escape before time runs out.

This game is small but well-formed. It flows nicely and showcases the system well, with no particular friction points. The theme is a little bland, perhaps. Still, it’s a good low-commitment option for getting non-escaper friends to try out this sort of game. Just make sure you’ve got something lined up to play afterwards though, because there’s just enough game here to whet your appetite without being enough to really satisfy.
Escape The Review

Squeek and Sausage (Available: $17 CDN)

Designer: Cyril Demaegd
Recommended players: 2-3
Resettable: Yes!

In the cartoon-style adventure Unlock! Squeek & Sausage, you need to stop the mad Professor Noside from destroying the world. In your attempt to thwart his plot, the evil genius has caught you in a trap, and you can’t stop him until you’ve found a way out. Can you escape and foil his plot before the clock hits zero?

It’s a cute game and if you like your escape rooms with a bit of a hidden object challenge, this will be the game for you. Not for me, mind you, but it could be for you!
– Errol Elumir (Room Escape Divas)

…the game is slick and fun, and more importantly the system and game come together in a way that just works.
Escape The Review

The Formula (Available: $17 CDN)

Designer: Cyril Demaegd
Recommended players: 2-3
Resettable: Yes!

In the adventure Unlock! The Formula, The Department has lost contact with one of their chemists, Dr. Hoffman. Your mission is to retrieve the truth serum he had been developing. Deep in the New York subway tunnels, you must seek out his laboratory, locate the doctor, and recover the formula before time runs out. The clock is ticking…can you escape?

Adventure games sometimes lead to the frutrating experience where you try each individual inventory object on the other. “The Formula” tries to replicate that feeling, but with penalization. To be fair, it really only happened once, but when you’re given a tool which can work on multiple objects, don’t penalize us for trying!
– Errol Elumir (Room Escape Divas)

I was again impressed at how much variety they’ve managed to squeeze into the card-based format, and the game combines some knowing nods to common escape room tropes with some refreshingly original ideas.
Escape The Review

The Island of Doctor Goorse (Available: $17 CDN)

Designer: Cyril Demaegd
Recommended players: 2-3
Resettable: Yes!

In Unlock! The Island of Doctor Goorse, you and your team have crash-landed on the island of an eccentric antiques collector. Two to six players will be split into teams, separated in the crash, and forced to escape from two separate starting points. The twists and turns of this challenging adventure will test even the most talented escape artists. With your lines of communication cut, can you and your teammates find a way off the island?

I dislike split teams in escape rooms, and I dislike it here. The first 10 minutes my side had nothing to do. We sorted cards, we read the instructions, I trolled anyone that went by. Furthermore, a couple of puzzles were poorly done and soured the experience, especially with the penalizing hint system. Having said that, the game is inexpensive, you can pass it on to friends, and the majority of the game had some clever moments!
– Errol Elumir (Room Escape Divas)

The first two Unlock! games had flaws (too trigger-happy with the penalties in one case, and a particularly frustrating puzzle in the other) but worked well nonetheless. The Island has the same strengths without any major weaknesses, and also adds the novel challenge of starting with a divided team. It shines in the variety and creativity of its puzzles, which gave our team some deeply satisfying eureka moments. One of the other games is probably a better starting point for getting familiar with the Unlock! system, but by putting this scenario third they’ve saved the best for last
Escape The Review

The House on the Hill (Available: $17 CDN)

Designer: Cyril Demaegd
Resettable: Yes!
At the beginning of “The House on the Hill”, strange, paranormal activities have surrounded an abandoned house for the past three days. When an investigation uncovers that these occult occurrences center on an excerpt read from The Book of the Dead, you and your companions are tasked to enter the house, find the book, and stop the curse…
Currently, there are no reviews for this game.

The Nautilus' Traps (Available: $17 CDN)

Designer: Cyril Demaegd
Resettable: Yes!
“The Nautilus’ Traps” brings you to the bottom of the sea. When a sea monster attacks your submarine at the outset of the adventure, it’s up to you to make your way through the depths and back to the surface if you’re going to escape…before your oxygen runs out.
Currently, there are no reviews for this game.

The Tonipal's Treasure (Available: $17 CDN)

Designer: Cyril Demaegd
Resettable: Yes!
“The Tonipal’s Treasure” sets you at the start of a hunt for the treasure of Captain Smith, hidden somewhere on Tonipal Island. As your adventure begins, you’ve been arrested by the Governor and thrown into prison — you’ll need to escape quickly, especially since Johnson, a famous treasure hunter, is also on his way to Tonipal in search of the very treasure that you seek.
Currently, there are no reviews for this game.


These Unlock! games are either free to download, or not available in English.

Mass Produced Board Games (Children)


Escape Game (€30)

You are locked up in handcuffs, how fast can you break free? In this mission you have to use your spy skills to pick the lock and escape. Make sure to be faster than your friends! You collect most points if you break free the fastest.

Currently, there are no reviews for this game.

Spy Code

Mission 1: Breakfree ($18)

You are locked up in handcuffs, how fast can you break free? In this mission you have to use your spy skills to pick the lock and escape.

I could easily imagine my younger self loving this game.
Room Escape Artist

Mission 2: Safe Breaker ($23)

Your mission is to break into the safe. Use your spy skills to scan, solve and crack the code. Safe Breaker is a game that combines skills, memory, and a little bit of luck. Collect the most treasures to win!

If your child loves the other two installments, then I would absolutely consider Safe Breaker, but I probably wouldn’t pick this one up unless the other games were already a hit in your household.
Room Escape Artist

Mission 3: Operation Escape ($29)

To start the mission, lock the belt on a player and set the timer on the belt. Combine skill, strategy and teamwork to solve a series of challenges and find the master key that unlocks the belt and helps your friend escape.

If your kids are too young for escape rooms, but they keep feeling left out when you go to play, Operation: Escape Room could be just what you need to bridge the gap and open them up to a puzzle world that is broader than the jigsaw variety.
Room Escape Artist

Mail Order Games

These games are independently produced and will be mailed to you.

Coventry Road Games


Designer: Carrie Babylon
Recommended Players: 2-3
Resettable: NO! (If you don’t write on the paper, you might be able to rebuild it with a trip to a craft store.)

Conundrum will provide you and your guests with a unique and memorable party experience. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, social event, theme night, or just getting together with friends; this game will provide the perfect ice breaker. Even strangers will be talking, laughing and puzzle solving like the best of friends in no time.

Packed full of fun physical components; no paper-only puzzles. Some legit physical aha’s. Very much handmade from craft store materials. Puzzle flow is open-plan which can lead to confusion (but there are cues, and hints are available). Hardly any plot. Would easily be a top contender except for the price & lack of reset.
– Dan Egnor

What it lacked in polish it made up for in love….

It was a quirky box of family-friendly puzzles and school-supplies-turned-oddities. If that sounds like its your jam, then you should buy a copy.
Room Escape Artist

Cypher House Escape

Escape the Arcade: Escape Room Box ($40 CDN)

Welcome to CypherHouse’s Escape the Arcade, an escape box that gets mailed directly to your door! In this escape room game you will solve a series of puzzles as you attempt to attain the ultimate goal of escaping the arcade. For this game you will need an internet enabled device and a clock or stopwatch to keep track of time. It is also recommended that you have some scratch paper and a pencil if you would like to take notes as you go. Finally, at least one puzzle in this box can be made easier with the use of a straight edge or ruler. But if you don’t have one of these, a paper edge will work fine.

Escape Game Products

The Enigma Files (Available: £19,00)

A Great White Shark has washed up on the shore of South West England. Its stomach contents contain several documents which lead investigators to suspect there is something strange about this case, can you solve it?

If you want to dislike it, there is reason in abundance.

And yet, in spite of all the flaws, I surprised myself in enjoying big chunks of this game.
The Logic Escapes Me


Although these were available at one point in time, they are no longer accessible from the website and are presumed discontinued.

  • Mysterious Package“A package from 100 years ago is delivered to your door. Inside are the clues to an investigation into a government conspiracy from many years ago. Only today in the present can the case be solved, are you up to the challenge?
  • The Travelers SuitcaseIt’s a cold wintery night. The stars are out and the moon is shinning. You are waiting on the platform of an old railway station. No one else is around. Out of the corner of your eye you see a suitcase. As you approach you see a letter is placed on top. Your curiosity gets the better of you and you open the letter. You now start to uncover the mystery behind the Travelers Suitcase. The ultimate prize awaits…

Escape the Crate

Escape the Crate is a mail order subscription game which ships internationally. Generally costs $30 + shipping.

The Midnight Express (Free Online-Only)

Agents… In preparation for our first crate: Escape the Confederate Spymistress, we need to do some quick recon back to the time of the Civil War. We’ve detected a change to the timeline and we think that it might have some sort of a connection with Abraham Lincoln. We are going to send you back in time to the night of February 2nd, 1861. A train is on route from Pennsylvania to Baltimore, Maryland well after midnight. We know from previous scouting trips that there is very little movement onboard…which will be the perfect cover for your trip back in time. Your mission is to sneak from train car to train car and gather evidence of what the change is to the timeline. Can you discover the clues and get off the train before being discovered?

The Confederate Spymistress

Recommended Players: 2-3
We’ve received word that Abraham Lincoln is about to be assassinated…4 years early. You have only an hour to save the President by breaking into the house of suspected Confederate spy, Rose O’Neal Greenhow. Sift through her belongings, discover her secrets, and crack her code to discover the details of the assassination in time.

If you’re willing to forgo aesthetics and beauty in favor of a tabletop escape room with fairly strong puzzles and you like the subscription model, then Escape the Crate is a wonderful choice. It’s smart and family-friendly.
Room Escape Artist

The Queen Anna’s Revenge

We’ve received word that one of our time traveling agents has been captured by Edward Teach… a man you probably know as Blackbeard. We are sending you back in time to the Blockade of Charles Town to recover the agent and escape before Blackbeard notices your presence. You have one hour to break out of the ship’s hold, rescue the agent, sleuth out the identity of an object from the wrong time period on the ship, and escape the ship before you end up in Davy Jones’s Locker.

The Colosseum

We are sending you back in time before the grand spectacle to sneak through the labyrinth of passages. You are to recover the items needed to enter the gladiator match, so you can recover the artifact before it winds up in the wrong hands. Be aware, however, that you are entering into a world where lions and gladiators lurk behind every corner… but your greatest enemy might be your very friends you are playing with…should you have to battle them for survival…

The Trials of Houdini

We finally might have our big break as to the identity of the madman who has been changing history. A fortune teller in the turn of the century Coney Island claims to know all that we seek… but her knowledge comes at a price. To discover her secrets, we must inspect the rides and sideshows of Coney Island, searching for the secret files stashed by the greatest Illusionist of all time…Harry Houdini. Along the way, you might have to do a little magic yourselves…As long as you aren’t so “tied up” that you can’t escape before the clock runs out…

Escape the Lost Colony

In this spooky, but family friendly, escape adventure, we are sending you back to England’s first attempted permanent colony in the Americas….Roanoke. Expecting a colony full of settlers, you discover something much more eerie. Everyone has vanished… The tables are still set for dinner, the coals are still hot, but no one in the entire colony can be found. There is no sign of violence and any written accounts of the events appear to be locked up securely. The only cryptic clue as to what has gone on is the word: CROATOAN carved into the wood…

The Heist of Bonnie and Clyde

Revenge is sweet…. After being one step behind the sinister Mr. X for missions and missions, the tables have turned. Along with your fellow EMIT agents, you have targeted the location of Mr. X’s secret plans….the vault of a small bank in the heart of the Midwest. You know that if you are to stop his future changes to history, you are going to have to get into that vault and get your hands on those plans. There is one tiny problem though… the bank in question is about to be robbed by a notorious duo…. Bonnie and Clyde. You need to follow the bank robbers to their hideout, find out what they know, and break into the vault of the bank before they catch up. In this cat and mouse game, nothing is sure…. including the ending. There are MULTIPLE endings to this game, leading to a few different ways to replay the game until you perform the perfect heist. Win and you will have all of the plans you need to be one step ahead of Mr. X. Lose and you might just end up next on Bonnie and Clyde’s hitlist.


Your time machine has malfunctioned, stranding you back in the prehistoric world….more specifically, the late Cretaceous period. It is a land of jungles and swamps and is one that is inhabited by creatures you never thought you would encounter…dinosaurs. While some dinosaurs are curious of your presence, a few see you as dinner. But the creatures aren’t the only ones that draw your attention. Someone else appears to be back in time too…another time traveler. Search through his or her camp, examine the findings, and discover a way to return to the 21st century. Dawdle, however, and you might end up face to face with a prehistoric predator….or even worse…. in the path of the meteor which destroyed much of the life on Earth. The stakes have never been this high! Good luck!


The Clown Enigmist (60€)

Escapoly is an interactive game for those passionate about escape rooms, thrillers, and logical games. It will be necessary to find clues, solve puzzles, and decipher codes.

In this first version, you will be thrown into a crime scene where you will take on the role of a rookie team of cops researching the serial killer called the Enigmist Clown.

The game is divided into three missions; each is 60 minutes. Investigate the crime scene, before the killer takes their next victim.


iDventure is a German mail order game where you can order the whole package with an option to download and print. It also provides an app to be used with their games. On top of all that, this same app can be used by players to create their own games.

The Island of Five Captains (€25)

With the game “Island of 5 Captains” your guests will travel to the high seas and to the depths of the mysteries related to the discovery of America. To find the great Inca treasure the players must solve a series of puzzles from the old pirate book.

Operation “Day V” (€15)

Valentines day is tomorrow, but what a disaster: Keeper of Desire, who is responsible for the preparation for the worldwide celebration disappeared under mysterious circumstances! As a result, not only the upcoming celebration but also the future of all human relationships is in danger, including those that have not yet started. You will have to find him and crack this mystery …

Unfinished case of Holmes (€25)

Recommended Players: 3-4
In the game “Unfinished Case of Holmes” the players will be transported to Victorian era London and will go on an unforgettable journey full of challenging riddles and mysteries with the mission to complete an investigation of a mysterious death started but not finished by Sherlock Holmes. It is a mixture of an interactive computer game and a detective story with real objects pieces of evidence that survived over time. The game is based on an escape room principle where the players need to resolve different types of puzzles in order to proceed to the next level. All materials are downloadable, however, the person preparing the game will get no spoilers – no indication for solutions can be discovered unless you start playing!

The Divas were given a review BETA copy of this game. You can order the whole package to be mailed to you, or receive a download DIY version. We got the downloaded version and it took a bit of time to set up with a lot of printing, so if you choose this option, be aware there is some cutting and gluing! The game itself has wonderful art all consistent with the theme, and the puzzles are very challenging, focusing more on those who are enthusiasts as opposed to newcomers to the escape room genre of board games. The “interactive computer game” aspect is a downloadable app which is used to check answers. It is easy to use and integral to the story as well, as it advances the plot. Although the beta version of the some of the puzzles had to be tweaked, we enjoyed ourselves and the developer was very open to suggestions we had to improve the game play. The full game will be a worthy addition to your escape room take home collection.
– Errol Elumir (Room Escape Divas)

The Magic Potion for Alice (€25)

The purpose of this game is to find the name of magic potion that will help Alice grow to her normal size and get back home. In order to figure out the name the players must search 6 pieces of a scroll that are hidden in different places in Wonderland. The players meet the inhabitants of Wonderland and solve numerous challenging tasks.

Print And Play

Instead of waiting for games to be sent to you, these can be printed at home.

Escape Team

A digital-physical escape game using their app. Each mission is around 20-30 minutes.

Training Mission (FREE)

This is a really easy mission, introducing you to the basics of Escape Team. If you do not make it in time, never ever think about disarming a real bomb …

Central Station (FREE)

This mission tests your team-play abilities. Work cooperatively, let others know what you‘re thinking, stay calm – and you won’t have any problems with this bomb.

Terminal ($0.99)

A hasty mission that makes it necessary to work together and to stay concentrated, despite all pressure. Don‘t get distracted and carefully work your way towards the solution.

Elevator ($0.99)

This mission is highly demanding and requires di erent skill sets. Hopefully, you have good team to handle this one. Don‘t give up – together, you can surely do it.

Rollercoaster ($0.99)

An action-laden mission that requires sharp thinking, quickness and clever teamwork. Try everything to solve the riddles of the maniac before the innocent passengers are harmed!

Subway ($0.99)

A tricky mission on a tight schedule. You‘re going to need different skill sets to make it through this one in time. Only through cleverly coordinated teamwork you‘ll be able to make it out of this dangerous situation…

Ellie Voth

A Sweet Tooth Mystery ($46.20 CDN)

“A Sweet Tooth Mystery” is a preplanned escape room designed for any age who is ready for a challenge! An Escape Room is a fun activity where a group of people are locked in a room and have to race against the clock using critical thinking and problem solving skills to escape before the time runs out.

The Game Gal

Family-friendly games for you and yours. Both print and play, as well as materials being mailed to you.

Science Lab Breakout ($25)

A mysterious science corporation invites you to a private tour of their facilities—and then leaves you locked in a room! Why you? What do they want? And most importantly, how do you escape? It’s up to your and your team to find out, but the clock is already ticking…

The Game Room

Part 1: Mr. Boddy (Sold Out)

Step into the shoes of hot-shot news reporters racing to solve a maze of clues and puzzles in order to earn an exclusive interview with a notorious mad-man! Only the winning team will land the story, so brush up on your favorite board games if you hope to win.

Everyone else involved had a good time as well. As with all play-at-home escape rooms The Game Room Part 1: Mr. Boddy wasn’t as incredible as a great real life room escape, but it also doesn’t have to be.
Room Escape Artist

Lock Paper Scissors

Designer Elliott Bailey has created DIY escape kits for you to download and print at home. All kits around $20.

Escape Quest (Young Kids 8yo)

Make your next kids party an escape room adventure! This game kit has everything you need.

The Lost Mummy (Kids Birthdays and School Groups)

Transform your next kids birthday party into a mysterious Egyptian adventure. Great for large groups.

Rebel Revolt (Teens & Casual players)

In this treasonous escape kit your crew must take down the Governments W.A.R. Facility before it goes online.

…for simple play-at-home escaping, you probably want to try one of the other commercially available games first; but if you’ve run out of those, or if you want a game right away and can’t wait for postage delivery, then this will provide a good 40-50 minutes of light entertainment.
Escape the Review

Escape Room Z

A humorous zombie themed escape room kit that transforms your home into an Arggh-venture!

Hack the Room

Can your crew of coders hack into an evil programmer’s computer and stop their virus before it’s too late?
Find out in this DIY kids escape room party kit.

Pam’s Party Printables

We're Late For Thanksgiving! ($20 CDN)

Works well for 4-12 people.

Family friendly storyline. (A frazzled mom is trying to get her family out the door in less than an hour and she can’t remember all the things she needs to bring to Grandma’s. Your job is to uncover all the clues and gather all the items before the hour is up.)

Red House Mysteries

This escape room facility has interactive games you can download and play for yourself. (They also have mystery boxes to rent, however, you need to be local.)

Christmas Treasure Hunt (£15 GBP)

Based around the classic poem ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’, the game will send your family or friends on a hunt around the house to discover the final location, making sure they’ve earned their presents from you!

We’ve made sure to make this only a little challenging, so as to not tax people too much on Christmas Day! However, children may need a little help from an adult to solve some of the codes and puzzles on the cards, making it ideal family fun.

The Balforth Triptych (FREE)

This is an online little puzzle mystery.

By all means, if you know of any other escape room board games, or other reviews I have not included here, please contact me!


  1. Super great list Errol and thanks for the mention (Heist Party). I’m going through all the escape board games I can find and you’ve listed some here I hadn’t found yet – super thanks.

    • Errol

      Awesome! And I will update this list so if you know of any others, please do tell!

  2. Errol,

    Thank you very much for the shout out to The Game Room. We have been getting great feedback over the course of the Kickstarter campaign and have made tweaks to the game which we are really excited about. What really sets ours apart is the live-action option…you can play at the table or set up a real escape room at home.
    I wanted to include a great review we got from Dale at Opinionated Gamers…he managed to sum-up The Game Room better than we did ourselves! “I can say that our group has had a great time with it, and would recommend it to others wanted a puzzle hunt/escape room experience at home.” – Dale Thanks again, Errol!

    • Errol

      Oooh! No problem! I tried your game as well and we did have fun! Good luck on your kickstarter!

  3. Lilly

    Thanks for putting this list together!

  4. Frank

    Thanks for the list. We’ve played a few of the games and look forward to the others when they’re available. Very informative and thorough. Thank you again.

  5. Chantal

    I haven’t played it, but this probably belongs on this list. It looks neat.

  6. Frank

    Are there any reviews for ‘Murder Mystery’ and ‘Funland’ the expansion packs for ‘Escape Room the Game? ‘

  7. There’s a German boxed game called “Revenge of the Pharaoh”, which is soon to be available in English. Can be ordered already on the website:

  8. Hi Errol,
    there have been quite a few on Kickstarter.
    The three rooms from
    can still be ordered by contacting the creator or through the facebook page

    Jan Karel

  9. Lilyana Boneva

    Hi Errol,
    I believe the list needs to be updated with Unlock! 3, Deckscape 3, and a few more games 🙂 Looking forward to it!

  10. Jason

    There’s a hand-crafted game on ‘Bonanza’ and/or ‘Ebay’ called Mystery at Oak Island that uses boxes and 7 real locks. Expensive compared to other games but does include actual locks.

    • David89

      I’ve played this game and thought it was the best of the hand crafted escape room type games

  11. Axel

    Great article. Here you can order more escape room board games

  12. Engin Dikkulak

    Arca Ludum is a new escape room board game project. It has two different games now. You can look at the website.

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