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Play Log & Ratings

I’ve posted my Escape Room play log online so if you wish to do one with me, you’ll know if I’ve done it. I’ve also included a mood to act as a rating for the room!

😍 – Loved it! | 😃 – Fun! | 😏 – OK | 😡 – RAGE! | β – Beta Tested


  • LQ/HQ – Low Quality / High Quality
  • Newb friendly – Search for ‘newb’ to find rooms for beginners.
  • 1st Gen Room – Undecorated room with many lockboxes and little tech.
  • 2nd Gen Room – Rooms close to theme park decoration. Tech involved.
  • β Testing – Testing a room to make sure it flows and works properly.
  • Randoms – Other players you don’t know put into the room to fill room capacity
  • Expert Only – Only for enthusiasts. Search for ‘expert’. Rooms too difficult for new people.
8/26/2017Escape MazeBattle for Granny's Gold (Bad)😃
8/26/2017Escape MazeBattle for Granny's Gold (Good)😃
6/26/2017LabyrinthMerlin's Sanctum😡Not fond of elements in this room.
6/2/2017Panic FactoryDeadly Grounds😃Nice looking room but can tighten up the puzzles!
5/21/2017The [?] AdventureSaboteur😃Fun room with unique elements we enjoyed!
5/21/2017Escape-CanadaTwilight Zone😡So many things wrong. 5 people, 1 flashlight? I hate you so much, room.
5/21/2017AlcatrazSleepy Hollow😏Not bad, but some annoying tedium and red herrings.
5/21/2017KeymastersMad Scientist😃Great room with cool aspects!
5/13/2017LabyrinthKnight's Templar😃Would be great for newbies, some puzzles could be cleaned up though
5/11/2017OmescapeShutown😃Good quality as usual, but some puzzle parts I didn't like.
5/5/2017NoWayOut13 Sedah Ave😃Had unique aspects I enjoyed!
5/1/2017The Crux NiagaraClara😃Great design and fun puzzles in this room!
4/30/2017Locked Up Escape GamesLocked in a Room with a Zombie😍I liked this Zombie room much better than the Trapped in a room with a Zombie
4/30/2017Escape the Mystery RoomHoudini's Magic Cell😡It didn't make us that angry, but it was prettty lame
4/30/2017Locked Up Escape GamesSerial Killer😍Gorgeous set, great immersive elements!
4/28/2017Panic FactorySafe Haven😃Pretty room! Needs some tweaking though.
4/9/2017OmescapeVirus Outbreak😍Unique elements and nice looking room!
3/29/2017Secret City AdventuresSecret of Station House No. 4😍Great interaction with actors!
3/19/2017ConfinedAlice in 3D😍A unique and wonderful room! Fix the puzzles and it's an amazing room!
3/19/2017Arcadia AdventuresA Golden Acquisition😃Lots to do in this room, but ends on tedious puzzles.
3/19/2017Esxoss ManwayBedlam😡Lockout safe with five ways to input an answer? Stupid room.
3/19/2017The Locked RoomHipster Hangover😃Has a fun wow, but also has a lockout safe! They need to change that puzzle.
3/18/2017SmartyPantzMorning Never Comes😏GORGEOUS room. One of the best sets I've ever seen. But there are three things to do in it and that's it. Plus searching through books. Ugh.
3/18/2017The Locked RoomHanger 403 - Alpha😍Although we alpha'd this room, it is amazing! Best alien room I have seen so far.
3/17/2017Breakout CalgaryVortex😏Vague/tedious puzzles and poor customer service wrecked a pretty room with cool mechanic.
3/17/2017E-Exit CalgaryAncient Egypt😏Generic tomb room, but things worked smoothly!
3/11/2017The HourMutiny at the Hour😍Fun beginner room with unique elements!
3/11/2017The Crux NiagaraCruxmas Pop-Up (Retired)😃A pop-up room we go-pro'd with some fun elements!
3/3/2017Crypto Escape RoomThe Cursed Temple😍Loved the set design on this room!
2/20/2017The Crux NiagaraDead Air😍A puzzle design that makes sense. It was glorious!
1/28/2017OutbreakBeneath the Surface😃Wonderful narrative!
1/14/2017Panic FactoryKrampus Pop-Up (Retired)😃A fun pop-up where we sucked! Go-pro'd.
12/15/2016Freeing CanadaPirate's Prize😍Very easy, but very pretty!
12/8/2016MayzeEscape with Usavich😃Not as good as their first room but enjoyable!
12/3/2016Escape MazeShaft 2😍Far better than their first Shaft. Very atmospheric!
12/3/2016Escape MazeChristmas on the Farm😃Good Christmas themed room to do with the family!
12/3/2016Escape MazeGold Rush Trail😍The puzzles aren't difficult, but walking about in the woods doing this adventure is pretty cool!
12/3/2016Escape MazeFreak Show😍Really enjoyed the theming in this room!
11/28/2016Mr. Escape Annabelle😃Much better than their other rooms, but needs a bit more polish.
11/26/2016Escape from RealityArrrg Matey!!!😡A lot of frustrating elements in this room.
11/20/2016Mission PossibleMafia Madness😃Simple but fun room.
11/20/2016Escape KeyLady Evelyn's Paradox😃Score based puzzle room.
11/19/2016Escape GamesCrossroads😍Wonderfully immersive room.
11/18/2016ConfundrumThe Twisted Room😍Great immersive aspects!
11/18/2016ConfundrumDa Vinci's Office😏A lot of locks but nice looking office
11/9/2016The Vertigo GamesHaunted House😃Automated room with fun bits!
10/23/2016Exit Out GTAThe Asylum😡The WORST room I have ever done.
10/14/2016Panic FactoryTermination😍Impressive, tactile room.
10/6/2016Panic FactoryRoom 502😃Great room build. Liked the puzzles!
10/5/2016Mr. Escape The Mummy - Lost Pyramid😏Nothing matches theme, but we had fun!
9/23/2016Riddle RoomThe Castle😏
9/20/2016Escape HourProhibition - The Lucky Duck😏Solveable, but overwhelming.
9/20/2016Escape HourCipherspace😏Lots of puzzles, a couple questionable. Good though.
9/18/2016Escape Capers YYCDick Dickerson: Private Eye😃Good and solid room for enthusiasts!
9/18/2016The Locked RoomSinister Study😃A room filled with interesting things.
9/18/2016The Locked RoomGreat Train Heist😍I'm a sucker for trains!
9/7/2016Real Escape GamesEscape from the Red Room😍Expensive 1/2 hour, but unique and difficult!
8/31/2016Crypto Escape RoomThe Infiltration😍Good decor, great game.
8/27/2016Narrow EscapeBaker Street Mystery😃A room good for enthusiasts.
8/27/2016Narrow EscapeClaustrophobia😃Good 2 player room needing more flashlights
8/17/2016Studio EscapesTrauma in the Theatre😃Strong theme, good for new players
8/17/2016Studio EscapesRevenge in the Dressing Room😏Good theme, but puzzles need more work
8/12/2016Mysterious MindsGold Rush😃Strongly themed room, I know nothing about hockey...
8/12/2016Mysterious MindsMayhem at the Moonshine Mile😃Strongly themed room, great for new players
8/10/2016CaptiveThe Surgeon😃Difficult game with challenging puzzles.
8/8/2016The Vertigo GamesDragon's Secret😃A quick game but good for new players.
8/8/2016The Vertigo GamesPharoah's Tomb😃A solid experience for new players.
8/7/2016Secret City AdventuresLost In Chinatown😃Pleasant walk outside!
7/31/2016Escape StationSpace Room😏Tedium galore, but nice looking room.
7/27/2016MayzeOsaka High😍Deliciously difficult puzzles, but needs tweaking and not durable.
7/16/2016Adventure RoomsThe Vault😃Great looking room
7/16/2016Escape AdventureThe Pirate's Revenge😏Fun theming
7/16/2016Escape MatrixZombie Lab😡So much why do this?
7/16/2016Adventure RoomsOriginal Adventure😃Straightforward puzzle room
7/16/2016The Ultimate EscapeCuriosity Shoppe😃Many gadgets - Puzzle room
7/13/2016Real Escape GamesThe Trial of the Mad Fox Society😏$20 Room for $30
6/12/2016Escape MazeBackhouse Poker Room😃A very challenging but fair room.
6/12/2016Escape MazeRosie's Tavern😃Enjoyed this one and had some fun puzzles.
6/11/2016Escape MazeShaft😃Great concept for a horror themed room.
6/11/2016Escape MazeSchoolhouse😏Did a great job at replicating a school room, but felt too much like school at times.
6/11/2016Escape MazeSheriff's Office😃Good thematic prison room.
5/25/2016Company & Co.Mission M😍Fun!
5/9/2016Mystery RoomsFun House😏Not pretty, but it worked.
5/1/2016Oshawa EscapesThe Office Job😃
4/30/2016Escape Manor OttawaOutlaw Saloon😃
4/30/2016Room Escape OttawaBoom Room😃
4/30/2016Escape Manor OttawaWine Cellar😃
4/30/2016Escape Manor OttawaDarkness😃
4/14/2016Escape KeyEmerald Alert😃
4/14/2016The CruxVoodoo Room😃
4/14/2016The [?] AdventureThe Parent Trap😏
4/14/2016The CruxAunt Edna's Condo😃
3/19/2016Crypto Escape RoomThe Experiment😃
2/26/2016OmescapeJoker's Asylum😏Split team. Bad end game
2/13/2016Freeing CanadaMission Impossible😃A solid laser room, dexterity needed.
2/13/2016Escape from the 6Firefighter Rescue😍This room is brilliant. You must do this room.
2/12/2016PerplexityLast Laugh😃A 75 minute room with a lot of locks.
2/12/2016PerplexityCriminal Binds😃A good room great for beginners.
2/12/2016PerplexityThe Elevator😃Has great 80s music and a lot of locks.
1/30/2016Room Escape OttawaSerial Killer Charade😍A great atmospheric room.
1/29/2016Escape Manor OttawaAsylum😃Cool room but has a LOT of locks.
1/22/2016Mission 45Resident Evil😏Interesting props but bad puzzles.
1/14/2016Red Button RoomsThe Psychologist's Wife😃A good room of intermediate difficulty.
12/19/2015Real Escape GamesEscape the Mysterious Room😏Expensive 1st Gen room with randoms.
12/17/2015Escape ZoneTreble in the Studio😏Expert only. Needs more β testing.
11/27/2015Escape Casa Loma#NAME?😃2nd Gen. Most immersive room I've played. Puzzles Ok.
11/20/2015Lost CanadaThe Lost Den😏Bad customer service.
11/14/2015Lost Canada#NAME?😡Avoid. Bad puzzle design.
11/11/2015Mystery RoomsAssassin's Code😃Newb friendly. Surprisingly good.
10/16/2015Escape GamesThe Unknown😍2nd Gen. A great experience
10/16/2015Escape GamesRelic Heist😃2nd Gen. Immersive and experiential. Not puzzle focused.
10/12/2015The Locked RoomDead Meat😍A split team experience I liked.
10/12/2015The Locked RoomThe Wine Cellar😃Simple but satisfying room.
10/11/2015Escape Capers YYCChamber of the Mysterati😃Expert recommended. A good complicated room.
10/11/2015Escape Capers YYCMaxim's Dinner Party😏Pretty room with a lot of searching.
10/7/2015Freeing CanadaUnforseeable Pyramid😃2nd Gen. Very immersive room with high difficulty.
10/5/2015Company & Co.Trapped in a Room with A Zombie😏Interesting.
9/6/2015ESC-ITBedroom Nightmare😏1st Gen Room
9/6/2015ESC-ITDungeon of Despair😏1st Gen Room of high difficulty
9/1/2015OmescapeDark Altar😏Compared to Omescape's other rooms, lowest quality.
9/1/2015OmescapePenitentiary😃2nd Gen. Expert only. Beautiful but difficult.
8/23/2015Escape (London)Lost😃Props in this room are great.
8/23/2015Escape (London)The Mad Tea Party😃Difficult room with a great decor.
8/23/2015Escape (London)The Apocalypse😃
8/23/2015Mystery Escape RoomsMuseum Heist😏Cool Tech and props, but not streamlined
8/12/2015Looking Glass AdventuresEscape the Danforth😍Newb friendly. Refreshingly original.
7/30/2015Riddle RoomStatic😏Cool concept. Puzzle design is ok.
7/30/2015Riddle RoomMissing Anatomy😃
7/22/2015AT EscapeBiolab Extraction😃
7/22/2015AT EscapePrison Break😏Simple room.
7/20/2015De Codeβ Heroes Unleashed β
7/16/2015Mystery RoomsSpace Odyssey 😡Avoid. Convoluted bad puzzle design.
7/16/2015Riddle RoomFramed😃
7/10/2015Company & Co.Escape from the Tower😍2nd Gen Room. Expensive. Randoms.
7/9/2015Riddle RoomLuci's Room😍Newb friendly. Simple but neat!
7/9/2015The Great EscapeDa Vinci Room😏Was told not to remove drawers. WHAT?
6/27/2015Xscaper Arts (Markham)Inception😃Good room. Puzzles ok.
6/21/2015Trapped!Diamond Heist😍One of the best laser rooms.
6/19/2015CaptiveCabinet of Curiosities😃Expert Only. A lot of puzzles.
6/15/2015Roundaboutβ Diamond Creedβ
6/12/2015Freeing CanadaBlack Swan😏Puzzles aren't elegant.
6/12/2015Freeing CanadaPainter's Murderer😃Newb friendly. Enjoyable room.
6/11/2015Ye Olde Dandy'sPuzzle Campaign😡1st Gen Room with barely any puzzles.
6/8/2015Escape MissionTomb Raider😏Lots of tech but LQ decor and bad puzzle design.
6/8/2015Escape MissionDragon Lodge😏Interesting room and wasn't that bad.
6/7/2015TrappedMedieval Prison😡Beautiful room with red herrings and awful puzzles.
6/7/2015TrappedAncient Pyramid😍Beautiful room with great puzzles.
6/6/2015Freeing CanadaUnmask😃
5/25/2015Roundaboutβ The Prisonerβ
5/25/2015RoundaboutButcher's Basement😍Scary with fun puzzles.
5/17/2015Escape2GetherVampire😡Hate this room.
5/16/2015The Locked RoomGame Over😃Cool theme, some puzzles aren't elegant.
5/16/2015The Locked RoomMutiny on the High Seas😍Newb friendly. Fun room with great theme.
5/15/2015Escape2GetherNew York Apartment😡1st Gen room. Low quality feel throughout.
5/12/2015RoundaboutBack to the Mummy😃
5/12/2015RoundaboutFinal Destination😃Newb friendly. Cool decor. Great for two people.
4/28/2015iEscapedViva Las Vegas😏
5/10/2015Escape from the 6Wild West😍
4/21/2015Real Escape GamesEscape from the Bank😏
4/17/2015PerplexityShort Cut😃
4/17/2015PerplexityKate's Motel😃
4/7/2015OmescapeKingdom of Cats😍2nd Gen. Cool room, but can be difficult.
4/3/2015OmescapeMysterious Study😍2nd Gen. Newb friendly. Start with this first.
3/29/2015De CodeDe Triad Code: Detectives😍
3/29/2015De CodeDe Triad Code: Mobsters😍
3/28/2015De CodeAncient Mystery😃
3/26/2015Escape Room Niagara FallsThe Castle😍Newb friendly and large space.
3/20/2015De CodeBoard Game Adventure😏
3/13/2015Real Escape GamesEscape from the Time Travel Lab😍Newb friendly with original and cool concept. Randoms.
3/8/2015LockQuestEscape the Book Club Killer😍Newb friendly but with complicated puzzles. Randoms
3/3/2015Live EscapeNursery Nightmares😡
2/27/2015Live EscapeStudy of Secrets😡
2/21/2015CaptiveDracula's Library😍
2/14/2015Escape Room Niagara FallsThe Attic😃
2/1/2015Origin Room BreakVampire Hunter😡
1/27/2015Breakout Team AdventuresAssassin's Suite😏
1/24/2015ESC-ITEscape With a Vision😏
1/24/2015ESC-ITLast Patient😃
1/20/2015Escape ZoneBilliard Room Murder😃Newb friendly. Nicely decorated room.
1/15/2015Next RelicCrime Scene😃
1/11/2015De CodeDe Scientific Code😃
1/6/2015Breakout Team AdventuresLiberty Squad😍Newb friendly. A beautiful room!
11/25/2014Escape GamesHaunting of Noriko😃Beatiful room with fun atmosphere.
12/11/2014XspaceCastle Escape😡Lots of tech. Ugly room. Awful puzzles.
12/11/2014XspacePlan X😡LQ room with tech.
12/9/2014Escape ZoneDa Vinci Room😃
12/5/2014Escape GamesEnd of the Line😃
12/2/2014Escape ZoneBlack Room😍Newb friendly. Cool room.
12/2/2014Escape ZoneBio Hazard😃
11/9/2014Escape GamesMayan Curse😍Newb friendly. A must to start out with!
11/9/2014Mr. Escape Bloody Midnight😏
10/28/2014Mr. Escape Kitchen of Hell😏
10/28/2014Mr. Escape Stringer's Requiem😏
7/7/2014ESC-ITCode War😃
6/30/2014ESC-ITCryptic Cellar😏
6/23/2014ESC-ITCursed Library😏


  1. spomenka

    My hint is go to escape manor on 201 queen street ottawa and do any room , wine cellar is easiest and prison break is the hardest

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