Sera Dodd is one of the main organizers for ERIC: the Escape Room Industry Conference in the UK.

Richard Bragg, co-founder and CEO of ClueKeeper, wanted to create a flyer to promote the Top Escape Rooms Project at ERIC, so I created one. However, I couldn’t create a flyer without having a puzzle in it!

I sent the flyer in to Sera, and she did a great job giving me feedback. In the end, she also asked me to create five puzzles for ERIC’s Quiz Night, but she needed it in three days. I immediately said yes. Of course, I also realized I would not have time to create five puzzles because I was the MC at a wedding, I needed to complete a music video for that wedding, and my parents were visiting (and they haven’t visited in the last four years).

In the end, I did complete five puzzles which you can download from dropbox below:

Errol Enigmas at ERIC 2019 (without Meta)

I was supposed to make two puzzles that were easy, two that were of medium difficulty, and one hard one. You can give me your difficulty assessment in the comments. 🙂

Once you solve the above puzzles, the final meta sheet was given:

Download Meta Only After Solving the Five Puzzles

Good luck! And if you need any hints, please ask.