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2017 Escape Room Enthusiast Survey

A survey targeting escape room enthusiasts was open for completion in June, 2017. Lee-Fay Low compiled the raw results into the following summary of selected results.

You can also view the raw results in a google spreadsheet.


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    What a brilliant survey on escape rooms. Game or puzzle design is the key factor in making a game popular and interesting. It is sad to see around 155 mentions, of games failing those criteria. It is not surprising though that experienced players prefer smaller teams. A larger team leads to chaos, and most of the participants get bored easily, dampening the team spirit.

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    The tips you have told are very useful and i was searching this type of content. I enjoyed reading your blog, thanx for sharing knowledgeable information.

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    Excellent survey. Escape rooms are great stress-busters, team builders and family bonders. No wonder they have rapidly gained popularity. I agree with Alex Seeder in that larger teams are not ideal. About 6 people make up a good team size for best interactivity and puzzle solving. I would have, however, thought that logical deduction would be more common!

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    Great survey, Errol. The results are very detailed and good to look at. Escape rooms are the best!

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