We surveyed escape room enthusiasts in August 2019 in 14 languages and 39 countries, thanks to all our volunteers who helped translate! 😀 This year, we also partnered with Mr. Daza, founder of the China Escape Games Alliance (China EGA), which tripled participation and in total, over 3000 people responded to the survey! Lee-Fay Low spent countless days sifting through all the data and we can finally show you the results!

The survey was conducted using Google forms. You can view the original survey in the post “Take the 2019 Escape Room Enthusiast Survey“.

If you want, the raw results are available in an excel file. Good luck with it.

Randy Hum of Escape Rumors has made an interactive visual dashboard with this data! It’s pretty cool.

EDIT: The survey is at version 1.2. Please make sure you have downloaded the correct version.